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Saturday, October 17, 2015

When I Miss Him

Since my first foray into poly, I've noticed a consistent theme:

I LOVE to miss my partners.

After a partner departs, whether they're leaving for a home in the same city or a different state, I always feel high as a kite.

Riding high on waves of exultant joy, basking in the afterglow of time and love shared, I look around my daily life and see it shine for having been touched by a lover.

Walking through my kitchen reminds me of the meal he cooked, sitting on my couch reminds me of the cuddles we shared.

Their departure is second in joy only to their arrival.

Don't get me wrong:

There are times when I sit alone on my couch and wish he was there.

There are times I cook for myself and wish there was someone with whom to share.

These moments, though...

The moments after departure, when I am happy and loved, but exhausted and want my space for my self, when I want to resume my life and my routine, when I remember my goals and everyone I love who is not him...

These moments, I am glad to be alone and I am glad to miss him.

When I miss him, I know I will revel in his presence...


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