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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

He Calls Me Home

Lately, I hear him call my name
He whispers it in the quiet moments of the day
At night in my dreams.

"Come home to me," he says, "come home.

You and I were born in blood and fire
And while I existed long before you
I became something new through your eyes.

When we were together
I felt all your joy and all your pain.

You and I, we grew together
Reinventing ourselves day by day
Becoming new, yet remaining old.

I long to feel your touch again,
I long to feel your joy and wonder
As you explore the depths of me.

I want you to discover all the ways
I have become new in your absence
As you discover all the ways
I have remained the same."

He tugs at the heartstrings
Which have been entwined in his Fingers
Since I was small.

And my heart yearns
It yearns to go home.

I yearn to heed his call
And rejoin him in his glory.
I long to feel his warmth once more
Feel the way he engulfs and envelops me.

The music of his heart
I hear it in my sleep
My life begins to pulse to his rhythm
My soul begins to dance

And in my heart
I plan my return.

(The "he" of this poem refers to my home city of San Antonio)

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