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Monday, November 11, 2013

Why I Don't Believe in Heaven

Today, even though it still has roughly three hours left in it, could easily be called one of the best days of my life.

I passed out early last night, around eight and woke up around eleven, unable to sleep. I didn't manage to go back to bed until around 4:30-5 a.m. and then only slept until about seven. I was quickly invited to go out to breakfast with members of my family and in my sleep haze, I assented, tossed on some clothes, and dragged myself out the door. Heckling for holding everyone up followed (as they were ready when they invited me) and the fun and laughter continued from there.

We came home and ended up hanging out in the living room for a few hours as my kids all gradually woke up and wandered in, saying good morning and joining the conversation. There was so much merriment and laughter, I didn't even break from it to notice it was happening, I was just carried along on the tide of joy.

After the frivolity and merriment, errands needed to happen. I set out for errands and even though the day was somewhat sidelined by unexpected car repairs, I managed to have a great time in the company of someone I love.

So my day went totally not as planned, but there was nothing but love and laughter. This evening, as I struggled to stay awake, I ended up having online conversations with a couple of amazing people. Just sharing in our lives, what we're up to and me being handed a revelation in one conversation (later post!).

And as I stood in my kitchen, reflecting on my day, I thought, "If I were to imagine a heaven, this is what it would be like. I would not trade any event in my day for any other, because they've all been just so...happy making."

And then after that thought, I realized, I don't believe in heaven.

Why not?

Because who could possibly stand to have day after day be this amazing?

And how could I appreciate and feel so full of life and love if every day were like this one?

The answer is simple: I couldn't. If I didn't have all the other days that were not like this one, this day would not feel so magical, so vibrant and full of life. I wouldn't feel this pie-in-the-sky feeling of being in love with life if this were every day. Because this day would then become the mundane and I would need something even greater than this to make it feel special.

And I wouldn't want that.

I wouldn't want to need more than what I had today just to feel like I'm floating on cloud nine.

I want to have amazing days every time my day is simply full of the people I love.

Nothing special, nothing crazy, just errands and people I love, that's all.

And that, my dear readers, is the best thing on the face of the earth.

THAT is heaven.

Heaven is right here, right now, any day, any time.

While I'm ALIVE.

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